At the heart of every success story lies an artist or entrepreneur who grappled with a profound internal conflict during a critical moment of choice: accept the risks and potentially attain legendary status, or falter in the face of the ‘flinch’ and be consigned to an unremarkable footnote.

The ‘flinch’ is a cunning delivery system, usually sourced in fear and adept at delivering doubt, uncertainty, and hesitation precisely when we are poised to make risky choices or take bold actions. Simply because the nature of the ‘flinch’ is not to inspire change or provoke greatness. Instead, it’s like shiny bait, luring us to play it safe and embrace mediocrity.

Important because pro artists & treps serve as living examples that the path to greatness requires acknowledging the ‘flinch’ but never succumbing to its limitations. And by defying the allure of mediocrity and pushing beyond the confines of repeating the ‘same old, same old,’ we have the opportunity to make a dent or a difference by stepping into the unknown with a clear vision, a fearless spirit, and a hungry heart.

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