Once the great Romanian artist Constantin Brancusi finally battled his way through poverty, resistance, fear and doubt, he planted his flag atop the highest peak of riches and fame and shouted his most profound victory cry so that all artists & entrepreneurs throughout eternity could learn the great secret of how to be victorious:

“Create like a god! Command like a King! Work like a Slave!”

Create like a god: Make something from nothing and create with abandon. Get out of the way and allow “IT” to come through you: songs, books, scripts, scores, products, start-ups, designs, photography, videos, websites, television shows, movies, art, inventions, new technology, etc. Be mindful of when doubt and fear sabotage the flow of great ideas, and learn to create a “clearing” for creative inspiration to flow through you like the blood pumping in your veins!

Command like a King: With intelligence, confidence, and your own style of cockiness, forever ban pettiness and ego from your creative world and insist that all those who work at your side and participate in your projects demonstrate unwavering loyalty, honesty, commitment and integrity—or they’re out!

Work like a Slave: The biggest insult you can say about a successful person is “they were lucky.” There’s no such thing as “luck,” it’s an old worn out myth! The only reason professional artists & entrepreneurs achieve success is because they take big risks and work their ass off! They’ve learned that the only way to achieve their grand desires and impossible dreams is to remove their socks, walk across the hot coals, and DO THE WORK! And while the amateur pauses to admire his creation, the professional works to improve his…and never stops improving it!

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