I think sometimes it’s ok to let things fall apart. Let things go south. Let the whole idea or project breakdown, collapse and crash if necessary. It’s not always about “fix it in the mix.” In fact, the true creative process is not about “fixing” anything. It’s about constantly reinventing, rewriting, redesigning and recreating until you reach that pinnacle moment when YOU decide if your idea, plan or project will live or die (better you than someone else). Breakdowns are too often misinterpreted as failures, but they’re not. They’re just part of the process. Believe me, I know you know this. I’m just reminding (both of us) of what we tend to forget in the hoopla and drama of a potential breakdown.

Important because breakthroughs are always preceded by breakdowns. And if we squirm to avoid the breakdowns, we actually deprive ourselves of the experience and wisdom from which breakthroughs are born. 

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