That question was asked, uttered, mumbled, whispered or shouted by someone scurrying through the halls of my publishing company nearly every day for decades. It’s the single most effective and inspiring motivator I know.

By when will you…
– redesign your website?
– upgrade your tech tools?
– start that big project?
– finish that big project?
– begin blogging?
– start podcasting?
– finish your album?
– edit that video?
– finish that script?
– complete that design?
– initiate that marketing plan?
– ship, print, publish, release, launch, etc. etc. etc.?

Every stand you take must include a “by when,” or the conversation holds no accountability—it carries no liability—it’s just a hallow statement—it downgrades what was just said to a half-baked idea!

Think about it, nothing says commitment like “By When?”
Not like a rigid deadline, more like one component of an intelligent plan.

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