The one thing we artists & treps have in common is that we worry about the future. Why? Because we’re charged with inventing it from nothing—then we stake our entire livelihood on it. So when anxiety prevails, and your insides are “shake’n like a leaf on a tree:”

Don’t Choke
Stand your inner ground. Don’t allow doubt & fear to keep you toss’n & turn’n. Recall the 10,000 hrs. you’ve invested in your career. No one can question the work you’ve put in and the experience you take out. Do the deep research, then follow your intuition.

Don’t Stall
Distraction wants you to stop what you’re doing, change direction, and give your attention over to something more mundane and less essential. Don’t stall. Keep the momentum moving forward. Keep your two eyes on the ball and your third eye on the BIG goal, your impossible dream—the one that’s always jogging two steps ahead of you.

Don’t Flinch
Remember, behind every great jaw-dropping success there’s an artist or entrepreneur who faced a difficult internal struggle at a critical moment of choice: choose risk, and possibly become a legend. “Flinch” and possibly become an unexceptional footnote.

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