Many of my clients get hung up on whether they are working on the right project, headed in the right direction or making the right choices. Why? Because most of them are blessed/cursed with multiple talents and interests, and often get stuck on which specific project they should be giving the most attention to.

For the especially talented pro artist, every choice is plagued with an endless, agonizing stream of perpetual possibilities. And for the super-smart, risk-taking entrepreneur, every decision is overwrought with limitless, time-taxing, number crunching options. It can all be so overwhelming that most often, important choices and decisions remain on the back burner, cooking in a stew of indecision.

Based on research, the number one reason for chronic indecision is fear of making the wrong decision. And while that may be true for others I don’t believe it’s true for artists & entrepreneurs. The number one reason for chronic indecision for a&e’s is chronic creativity! The angst we go through when we’re manifesting an idea from nothing is not as much fear based as it is perfection based. This is who we are. This is how we work. We stand in front of our unfinished canvas and fret over which color to use next. It’s not an indecisive problem, it’s a creative challenge. It’s the process a&e’s go through. And even though that process may take a bit longer than others would like, and may look to some like fearful indecision, it has nothing to do with fear and everything to do with freedom. The freedom to choose our next move independent of a premixed formula. The fact is, pro artists & treps work in a total absence of formula! Hence, the indecisive nature of our work.

Important because give yourself a break! You are not chronically indecisive! On the contrary, you are particular with your work and meticulous with the process it takes to produce it. Give yourself permission to be a crazy, genius, creative person and embrace your chronic creative, indecisive process. Not like a disregard for responsibility, more like a high regard for accountability.

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