Many of the artists & treps I know are blessed/cursed with multiple talents, or have so many weighty things going on at once they get hung-up in which tasks they should be working on today. Which leaves them hesitant to proceed with anything until they figure out what to do next. Huh?

Too often we spend too much precious time just thinking about it. Which leaves us entangled in indecision, and lured into the unforgiving rabbit hole of procrastination. Where we joyfully spend more time “clicking” around the Internet than we do “chipping” away at the opportunities that are starring us right in the face just waiting to be seized.

Important because as creatives, the freedom we have to dance to our own drummer is a treasured benefit of the independent, non-conformist life we live. However, the time we spend clicking when we could be chipping is a big price to pay for such a small payoff.

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