A crummy song sung by a great singer?
A great song sung by a crummy singer?

A crummy screenplay performed by a great actress?
A great screenplay performed by a crummy actress?

A crummy product sold by a reputable brand?
A great product sold by an unknown?

Important because even a great actress can’t make a crummy movie a box-office hit. Craft outshines uniformity. And even though the industries of certainty are disrupting all around us, and even though we have entered into a time of political ambiguity, what matters most during this time is the art we create, the songs we compose, the books we write, the movies we direct, the worthwhile content we produce, and the worthy ideas we manifest. And that art and those manifestations will outlast and outlive adversity and mediocrity, and they will be remembered, recalled, recited and reproduced over and over again for generations to come.

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