It’s not your fault. We just happen to be alive, on the planet, at a time when the volcano of certainty has erupted and the lava of change is slowly consuming everything in its path. From the way you create it, to the way your market it, to the way you monetize it. A traditional, predictable, sufficient system of producing results has vanished, and it happened so fast that many people still don’t know it’s gone forever and never coming back.

The real challenge is that these historical, revolutionary times we live in do not come with a manual or a “rule-set” for how to produce, promote and manifest your art & commerce. This is where others balk, or stall, or whine, or complain, or fail. Most need a rulebook to confirm they’re building it the right way. Most need a five-year plan to keep them focused on future goals. Most need a manager, or a boss, or a supervisor, or a VP of A&R, or someone in a suit to tell them what to do.

Thank god you don’t need a stinking manual! In fact, others are looking to YOU for the answers. Why? Because they know you’re different. They know you’re one of the crazies—a “creative type.” They know you have the ability to invent a way out, forge an alternative path, craft unique solutions, generate creative income streams, and actually manifest worthwhile, profitable ideas. Others have always relied on creative artists & entrepreneurs like you to lead the way and point us in a new direction—that has never changed. What has changed is that you’re now becoming aware of the huge responsibility that is staring you right in the face—taunting you to create something that really matters.

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