My friend Brad Parker wrote a great song called “Nothing Lasts Forever (except my love for you),” and he’s right. Devo guitarist Bob Casale didn’t last forever. He died this week of a sudden heart attack. And whether you liked them or not, back in the 80’s Bob and his bandmates took some huge career risks, and made a significant contribution to the music of the day. A great loss indeed. It made me think that not only do our friends pass, but our great ideas and worthwhile projects pass too. And the syndrome that kills great ideas and worthwhile projects the quickest is the disease of “Procrastination.”
— If you keep putting it off, it will become more challenging to keep it alive.
— If you stall long enough the motor will be harder to start.
— If you’re waiting for circumstances to improve, you’ll be waiting a long time.
— If you continue to “dawdle” on your big crazy, genius plan, you’ll earn the payoff that dawdling produces.

“Don’t die with your music still in you” —Wayne Dyer

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