Pro artists and entrepreneurs may not always look busy on the outside: leisurely picking at the guitar, tapping the keyboard, scribbling and sketching notes, sitting at a chaotic desk twiddling their thumbs, staring out the window, etc. You can understand why others may wonder how a smart, talented, creative person, can just sit there and waste time.

But we’re not! We’re processing, we’re considering options, we’re searching for possibilities, we’re inventing our next adventure, we’re plotting our next move, we’re devising ways to make a buck (or a billion of them), we’re dreaming our impossible dream!

What we’re actually doing is slipping into a stream of consciousness that detaches us from external distractions, and allows our thoughts to soften and our attention to drift in a more personal and creative direction. And while that may look like wasting time to others, what we’re really doing is working very hard (on the inside). That’s our real creative space. It’s the only place where we can invent and create something from nothing, without deadlines and without pressure from others. Whether it’s composing a song, memorizing a scene, painting a picture, or creating a pitch-deck! It’s our private, penthouse studio, where we can imagine what could be. Not like meditating, more like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude!

Important because the truth is, pro artists & treps never waste time daydreaming, rather, they spend time daydreaming. It’s time well spent that others just don’t understand.

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