Gather the info, expel the gossip, research the facts, analyze the data, poke the evidence, and explore all the possibilities.

THEN discuss the outcome, debate the downside, dispute the upside, argue your point, consider all POV.

THEN go inside. Take the knowledge you’ve acquired, right into your daily meditation, and simply “contemplate.” Let the noise dial down, as your inner wisdom bubbles up. Allow THAT to enlighten you, nudge you, tug you, pull you, sway you, and lead you toward your own “deep truth.”

FINALLY, take the requisite action and make those ambitious decisions with confidence, clarity and wisdom. Not out of fear, or anger, or spite, or righteousness, or because others say so. But rather out of your own intelligence and your own deep truth.

REPEAT this process in your art, your job, your business, your personal life and with all your impossible dreams.

When you mix intelligent research with deep truth it always points to the path you should be walking.

You’re the President of your world. Do the lead work, then the deep work, then make smart choices & decisions going forward.

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