Whether you’re a songwriter or a CEO, you don’t have to quit, give up what you love, or crash your impossible dream, EVER! And screw any blogger, showbiz critic, self-proclaimed consultant or anyone who says otherwise!

It’s not ALL about getting rich & famous. It’s about fulfilling your “dharma,” your purpose in life, and expressing it, sharing it and producing it for the benefit of others. That’s where the BIG payoff is. That’s where the juice and the nectar lives. That’s when sleep becomes a nuisance and the flow of ideas becomes unceasing. It’s about chucking the possible and going for the “impossible!” Why would anyone ever give up on that?

The thing about quitting is that even though you try to convince yourself that you just can’t take it anymore, deep inside your soul it continues to gnaw at you. Frustration & despair eventually pass; however, quitting lingers a lifetime, because the truth cannot be ignored. One of my readers wrote: “Hell is having passed through this incarnation without having done what you were meant to do.” I agree. Never quit expressing, sharing and living your dharma, no matter what.


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