Many artist and entrepreneurs are blessed/cursed with so many multiple talents, interests and responsibilities, that we often find ourselves stalled at the crossroads with conflicting choices. Instinctively we know it’s time to make a decision and move on. However, we often feel paralyzed by the options and baffled as to which bumpy road to take (they’re all bumpy!)

Important because You’re not alone. I know that every one of you reading this, often find yourself stopped at a crossroads in your career/life, and stumped as to which activity or project you should commit your time, talent and energy to. That scene is written into the script of every pro artist and every risk-taking entrepreneur. We’re a unique society of independent, creative thinkers, and while there are plenty of Google links specifically designed to help navigate the thought-wrenching, unpredictable choices we make, in my experience, nothing returns us to the path of progress faster than an honest, heart-to-heart, free-flowing, unedited rap-session with someone who understands the angst we go thru, and the turmoil that goes on between our ears! Someone who has stood at the same crossroads and has the insight and skill to inspire and encourage us, and point us in the right direction. Not like a therapist, more like a seasoned player in the field of dreams. I know you know this because I’ve said it ad infinitum. However, I also know that sitting at the crossroads waiting for the arrow to turn green, can be a long, frustrating wait. And unlike how-to-books, sorting it out with a trusted cohort never goes out of style.

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