Your plight is no different than any other hard working, pro artist or entrepreneur, who constantly questions and doubts their own choices and abilities, and who is tempted off course, almost every day, by the seduction of distraction, and the tug toward vacillation.

The common wage earner knows that the road they’re on will lead to a predictable destination. However, YOU walk the road less traveled, uncertain of where it will lead, yet confident you’re headed in the right direction. All the while knowing that even if you’re on the right road you’ll get run over if you just stand there.

Important because during these days of uncertainty and doubt, we need to use that one extraordinary talent that is exclusively reserved for artists & treps: the capability to imagine and conceive what’s next, in every area of our life and career, then create or invent a way to manifest it. Not like that ability is a learned skill, more like it’s embedded in our bones.

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