She wakes up before you do every morning, patiently waits for you to open your eyes, then softly whispers, “better check your emails…” She doesn’t say, turn over and hug your mate, she doesn’t remind you to brush your teeth and she doesn’t even suggest that you go in and wake the kids. The very first thing she whispers is, “perhaps there’s something new on Facebook you should see…” She’s compelling, alluring, informative, sexy, seductive, exotic, fun…and you actually believe she likes you!

The last thing that “Eve of Distraction” wants you to do is your life’s work. She’s one of your “inner demons” for Pete’s sake! She’s a narcissistic ego-manic who hates it when you ignore her—and she’ll get her revenge if you do! She wants to lure you into her world and she’ll use all of her skillful powers and compelling charms to tempt and entice you; Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Google, Blogs, MSNBC, Angry Birds, iPads, upgrades, emails, family photos, talk radio, weekend plans, “call mom,” Netflix, even NPR and Wolf Blitzer!

She’s the Real Terminator! She’s tireless, relentless and demands ALL of your attention! And guess what? She doesn’t like you at all! In fact, she despises you! She thinks you’re weak and unfocused—a loser at best. Her only mission is to constantly tempt you away from your work, your life, and your art. Procrastination is her kingdom and “Eve of Distraction” is the reigning queen!

Don’t allow this vicious “she-devil” to tempt you, or “blindside” you today. Just for today, stay committed to your project, stay true to your life’s work and don’t stop expressing your art. Even if you’re an accountant, you’re an artist. Even if you’re a salesperson, you’re an artist. Even if you’re a business owner, you’re an artist. Even if you’re a doctor or a nurse, you’re an artist. Screw Distraction! You’re an artist! Keep work’n it…just for today…stay focused on your art.

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