Too often we assume that our POV of a project or situation must be true. Therefore, we take what we assume is the appropriate action based on that assumption. Huh? 

Assumptions, especially in our creative career and entrepreneurial lifestyle, are a very dangerous thing to hang your hat on. Why? Because we should never forget that we are a “people” industry, and every project is a unique conversation between buyer and seller, drummer and bandleader, actor and director, writer and producer, producer and corporate, etc.. Plus, as independent entrepreneurs, we live and work in a unique creative culture where no deal goes down like any other, no original project is planned with a templet, and every agreement can be negotiated and written in an unlimited number of ways. No other industry on the planet operates this way! So to say that “this time” is the same as “last time” is a false assumption. That’s why I get frustrated when people say things like: “oh well, that’s just the way the music business works.” Or, “that’s just the way it is in television.” Or, “He must be thinking or feeling this way, because that happened to him.”

Important because here’s a reminder: Assumption is the ball ‘n chain that slows the progress of our goals ‘n dreams to a crawl.

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