While Fate and Destiny may be sisters, they are not twins. This is always such a good reminder for me, and hopefully for you too:

Fate: Like it or not, we are born into our fate: ethnicity, skin color, genes, DNA, physical benefits/challenges, parents, the conditions in which we were raised, and the continuous stream of good/bad circumstances that surprise and blindside us throughout our lifetime. Our fate is pretty much a fait accompli.

Destiny: Our friend Destiny gives us full control. And once we realize that we have our hands on the steering wheel and our foot on the gas, we can guide our destiny toward any goal, dream, or wild idea we want. We can even improve our fate by accepting the cards we were dealt and then choosing to live a healthy, creative, successful life anyway, even though the odds are often stacked against us. The truth is, destiny is ours, to either forge or flounder.

Important because while most folks unknowingly follow the predictable pattern of their fate, all of us, young and old, have the choice to manifest our own destiny.

Watch your thoughts, because they become your words. Watch your words, because they become your actions. Watch your actions, because they become your destiny. ―Lao Tzu

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