I’m so pumped and inspired! Like that time I saw Billy and Elton in concert. Like that time I stood in front of The David in Florence Italy. Like that time I met Paul & Linda. And like those times when I walk into my friend Amadea’s art studio and stand in awe of her talent. I am so inspired by champions. People who once stood in the same spot as me only managed to run further and faster to the top of the mountain.

That said, if the Dodgers and the Red Sox can still give it their best, after performing an 18-inning marathon (the longest game in World Series history, 7 hours 20 minutes of continuous grunt’n & spitt’n) and still get a good night sleep (huh?), then wake up the next day and go back out on the field to grunt & spit again, then I’m inspired to stop wallowing in my petty circumstances and get back to plowing my own field of dreams!

Important because while the amateur asks, “did they like me today?” the pro asks, “Did I leave everything on the field? Am I walking out of the arena with no fight left in me? Did I give them everything I had?”

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