Artists & treps strive to be “relevant.” Why? Because we’re in this for life, and sustainability is imperative. Nobody wants to look like a dinosaur in their field. However, once you find your groove, achieve some success, and enter the comfort zone, fighting obscurity becomes a bigger challenge than getting there in the first place.

That said, the two things that breed relevancy are consistency and change (two opposing forces). Consistency is the act of constantly producing exceptional work that exceeds the expectations of our fans, followers, clients and customers, and that actually provokes eager anticipation for more. Change is the ever-present tug in all artists and treps, to learn, grow, innovate, re-create, invent, take risks, and push the boundaries.

When combined, consistency & change = relevance.

Important because it doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, musician, actor, writer, director, PR expert, or business owner. To the degree your work consistently exceeds expectation, to that degree you’ll continue to be relevant. Not like an Amazon robot. More like an unremitting pro.

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