Peter Guber, one of the most successful showbiz moguls of all time, has always impressed me. And it’s not so much his credits as a super successful, Oscar winning movie producer, or his ownership of the Golden State Warriors AND Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s who he is as a person. Check out his website, read his Twitter feeds, and get his inspiring, thought provoking book “Tell To Win.” I think you’ll discover that here’s a guy who YOU can relate to, whether you’re a Corp CEO, or a struggling songwriter.

I recently received an email from him (perhaps you got the same one), telling me his 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2013. I thought I’d pass them along to you. Tell me what you think:

1. Embrace flying in the red zone – this is where the greatest risk, but also the greatest opportunity awaits.
2. In gathering collaborators and support, focus on “what’s in it for them” – this will garner their attention and intention to respond to your call to action.
3. Be authentic and have your feet, tongue, heart and wallet all going in the same direction – this creates a trusted and respected relationship which precedes transactions.
4. Be interactive – engage social media to change yesterday’s sales monologue into today’s dialog. Today, everyone wants to be participants, not just passengers.
5. Share success – emotional and open acknowledgement for work well done is critical to sustaining a motivational workforce.
6. Be generous– your scarcest resource is your time and when you spend it helping other people, you reward yourself, others and your organization.
7. Be a challenger to your own incumbency – sustaining your success requires constant reinvention. If you don’t, it can mean extinction.
8. Use the emotional resonance of purposeful story telling with the facts and information embedded inside, as your secret sauce to create memorable and actionable results –for success in business you’re always in the emotional transportation business.
9. Embrace failure – if you’re not failing on occasion, you’re not taking enough chances testing the real quality of your talents and will unlikely achieve your greatest success.
10. Habituate yourself to success – review your resolutions quarterly and remember good habits create great results.


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