Geppetto’s impossible dream was that someday, his wooden son, Pinocchio, would become a real boy, and Geppetto would become a real father. And he endured a variety of impossible challenges to finally achieve that dream, including being eaten alive by Monstro the whale!

Our impossible dreams just want to be made real too! And it doesn’t matter if we are skilled artists or seasoned entrepreneurs, we should never pull the plug on an awesome idea just because it’s too hard: “Hard” is a way of telling us it’s got plenty of potential.

We should never slam on the brakes of a praiseworthy project just because it’s too costly: “Costly” is a way of telling us it’s an investment that has value and may be worth considering.

We should never turn out the lights on our brightest vision just because it’s too “time-consuming.” Plant the seeds, add water, and let the sun shine in. You know how this works, right?

Important because we should never toss in the towel on our biggest goals and dreams just because we don’t know how to proceed. If we can’t figure out the next step, then we should consult a knowledgable cohort or hire an experienced industry coach to point the way. Don’t forget, no one has ever made it in showbiz without the help from someone else! Not even Pinocchio, because he had the wisdom of Jiminy Cricket to advise him and point the way!

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