I always thought that was a great idea for a company. In 1989 a college student, Brian Scudamore, saw what was wanted and needed, and provided a solution. Since that time, his company has grown to approximately 200 locations across three countries. The company slogan is: “We make junk disappear!”

Wouldn’t it be great if Brian sent a truck to every artist and trep’s home, studio, office or penthouse and made some of our junk disappear? Here’s a short list of what we could dump: 

— Our resistance to change.

— Our chronic indecision.

— Our fear of failure or success.

— Our story about why we haven’t achieved our biggest dreams yet.

— Those pointless daily activities that disrupt our priorities, steal our focus and slow our progress to a crawl.

— All the folks in our lives that bring us down, lead us on, deflate our confidence and waste our precious time…bye bye!

— Everything that doesn’t align with our inherent desire for peace of mind.

Important because what’s left is that awesome feeling of breathing room, flexibility, liberation and inspiration that only comes when we declutter not only our exterior space, but more importantly or interior space.

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