If you’re in it to prove something (even to yourself), you have a tough row to hoe. I’ve seen extremely talented artists and super smart CEO’s crash and burn because their best work was repeatedly sabotaged by a desperate hidden agenda:

– “If I don’t make it I’ll be seen as a failure.”
– “Others are counting on me.”
– “I’m getting older; I need a BIG success!”
– “I must prove to my family (and my self) that I’m somebody!”

None of these is a valid reason to struggle in any career, let alone a creative one. Ok, let’s argue that your “hidden agenda” could be a “motivating” factor that could help propel your success. Baloney! There’s only one thing that will propel your success: doing extraordinary work!

You don’t need to prove anything to any one. The only thing you’re beholding to is your craft, your unique talent, and your dharma (your true purpose). Honor THAT, and you’ll have a career that lasts a lifetime.


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