The awesome wife and I like to walk. One day we came across a section of the sidewalk that was broken. What broke the cement you ask? Grass! Growing right out of center of the sidewalk! How does a skinny little blade of grass break through the physics of solid cement? I think we learned this in the 10th grade but I must have ditched school that day. Awesome wife, being the awesome nurse that she is, confidently proclaimed that grass must have sunlight to survive. Therefore, somewhere hidden deep in the quantum cellular DNA of grass, there are a billion little grass cells that don’t know they can’t break through cement. All they know is they must have sunlight or die. In fact, if you ask the grass it would say, “what cement?” With great commitment, intention, determination, passion and bust-ass work, a little puny blade of grass develops a “samurai” attitude and breaks through all the rules, realities and proven scientific physics of cement, and ultimately reaches its impossible dream, The Golden Sun!

So if a puny little blade of grass can break through impossible barriers, what big cement barrier is in the way of your impossible dream—that your commitment, intention, passion and bust-ass work, can’t possibly break through?

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