As a high performance personal coach, I often have to encourage my clients to play bigger. In fact most of the artists & treps who I have deep conversations with agree that they’re definitely playing too small.

You’re probably playing too small too. Doesn’t matter if you’re a struggling composer, a tireless entrepreneur or a corporate CEO. We live and work in times of fast change, Internet distractions, and rapid tech growth—too rapid for most A&E’s to keep up. So instead of growing, building and risking, we opt to hunker down, cut back and play it safe—waiting for the economy to pick up and the tech train to slow down. Endless change and stifling doubt keep us quivering in a small box where there are only limited options.

Truth is, the economy will always fluctuate and the technology is here to stay. Therefore I think it’s OK to take a few creative risks. I think it’s OK to be courageous and up the ante. I think it’s OK to play bigger, and poke your head out of the box, where ALL possibilities exist—no less scary, just more opportunity.

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