Objectives are not linear. Your impossible dream, your ultimate destination is not a straight shot to the land of milk and honey. It’s mostly a long and winding road, like HWY 1 heading north to Big Sur. A 60-mile stretch of switchback turns, dangerous cliffs, frequent landslides, unpredictable dead ends, blinding fog and multiple distractions along the way. It’s also the most beautiful drive on earth!
If you run into blinding weather, you pull over and wait it out.
If you get distracted, you re-focus your sights on the destination.
If you reach a dead end, you turn around and find another way.
If you come to an unmarked crossroads, you follow your intuition.
If you get lost, you ask an expert for help.
When you’re at wit’s end and out of options, you create another option.
If your destination is clear, and your resolve is strong, you’ll eventually get to where you’re going.


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