1) Go to the mountaintop and bring your flag (whatever that means to you).

2) Make a profound, “ruthless” commitment (in your own words): “I am now committed to…”

3) Plant the flag: (whatever that means to you).

Three things will happen:

1) From this point forward, choices and decisions will be a little easier to make: simply ask yourself if the decision you’re about to make correlates with your commitment. If it does, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t.

2) Coincidences, great ideas, flights of inspiration and light bulbs over-the-head will immediately begin to happen. No kidding!

3) Resistance will be stronger than ever! However, after making a ruthless commitment, YOU will be stronger than ever too! So long as you honor your commitment you will have the clarity, strength, wisdom and courage to stand toe-to-toe with resistance.

None of this is hopeful “positive thinking.”
All of this comes from a powerful stand you take.

None of this is new age nonsense.
All of this is from a steadfast commitment you make, and an intelligent plan to back it up.

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