1) Conjure up a vision, notion or visual picture of what the next level looks like to you.

2) Recognize the big distinction in who you are now, and who you will become once you arrive at the next level.

3) Be conscious of the quality of work you’ll be doing and the people you’ll be interacting with once you arrive at the next level. Also, be aware of the difference you’ll be making in the lives of others. Be really clear about this one.

4) Know and accept the fact that no matter how much work and effort you put into it, your head and heart must already be at the next level before you arrive.

Important because there won’t be any big celebrations or fanfare when you arrive at the next level. You will simply be aware that things are much more rewarding and challenging than before, and you will immediately start to think “gee, now that I’m at this level, I wonder how I can reach the next one?”

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