Artists & entrepreneurs love the chase. That daily tug-of-war that keeps us guessing, keeps us edgy and sharp, keeps us impatient and indecisive, and keeps us searching. Like a hungry wolf perpetually on the hunt down for the next great idea, the next creative conquest, the next solution to an impossible challenge, the next opportunity to show the world the best we’ve got.

Important because even though the hunt matters, what ultimately counts is what we produce. It’s what we finally release, publish, launch, ship or express with our unique, extraordinary talent that will determine if our art, service or product can pass the market test. If it does, then we revel in the victory. If it doesn’t, then it’s back to the hunt, for what we think is the best way to show the world the best we’ve got. The good news is a hard-fought chase is worth every ounce of angst when it produces a worthy feast! Thank God every day, you were born a hungry wolf.

“Triumph bows at the feet of any steadfast artiste.” —Apollo, mythical god of music & arts.

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