Ask any horse trainer and they’ll tell you that the home stretch is not about “ground & pound.” It’s about letting go and not holding back. It’s about putting on the blinders and not allowing distraction to steal your focus. It’s about giving it all away—everything you’ve got. And it’s about making smart choices and intelligent decisions. Even the jockey who’s far behind in 7th place knows that anything could happen between now and the finish line that could miraculously put her in the winners circle. So she hunkers down, takes heed, gets muddy, and emboldens her horse to “let go” and “break free” from the rest of the pack!

If you’re really serious about your life’s work, if you’re truly committed to manifesting (or maintaining) a successful, creative, independent life, then you must take command of your world—no kidding! You must begin each day with unbreakable purpose. You must not allow distractions to thwart your intentions. You must not allow pettiness to pass through your door. And you must hunker down, take heed and get muddy. This is not a race with a starting gate and a finish line. Rather this is a lifelong mission that will never end…unless you say so.

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