In my early days as a young, hot-shot publisher I quickly learned not to get so crazy about flaws and imperfections or I would blow a fuse. Whether we were publishing mags, books, newsletters, seminars, workshops or websites, we always found mistakes after we hit the launch button. Then the finger pointing party would begin!

Everything has a crack and most often the people we work with are typically cracked and flawed as well.

So the 1st goal is to continuously refine and mature our communication skills so we can motivate and provoke our cracked comrades to get it right too.

The 2nd goal, is to just keep working it, improving it, and getting it closer to how we want it, until we’re finally satisfied enough to hit the “GO” button.

Important because although it should be clearly obvious by now, it’s still a good reminder that while most cracks and flaws seem like frustrating failures, they’re actually opportunities for improvement.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”   —Leonard Cohen

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