I guess we think it’s going to end some day. The struggle.
That if we struggle today, we won’t have to struggle tomorrow.

However, perhaps it’s not the struggle that wears us down. Maybe it’s the fact that for us artists & treps there never seems to be a finish line, or a fait accompli. That the work we do and the art we manifest just never seems to end. It’s like a new song is screaming for attention before we even finish the song we’re working on.

If we had a real job, we’d know when our shift was over. We’d know that after we sent that last email, and checked the inbox one last time, we could call it a day.

However for the pro artist and entrepreneur, there is no end to the shift, and there is no “calling it a day.” Because in our world there are more beginnings than endings, and more starts than stops.

Important because perhaps the word “struggle” is simply a term that we add on top of the challenging work we do, to give it purpose and value. Perhaps we choose to use the word “struggle” to alert others that we’re working very hard, every day, to achieve something extraordinary. However, I think the very last thing we ought not do, is allow the word “struggle” to become our identity.

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