If you’re in it to prove something (even to yourself), you’ll have a tough row to hoe. I’ve seen extremely talented artists and super smart entrepreneurs crash and burn because their best work was repeatedly sabotaged by a desperate hidden agenda:
– “If I don’t make it I’ll be seen as a failure.”
– “I’m getting older; this could be my last shot!”
– “I must prove to my family (and my self) that the work I’m doing is worthy and has merit.”

Important because “I’ll show them!” is never a valid reason to struggle in any career. There’s only one thing that will propel our success: doing extraordinary work! We don’t need to prove anything to anyone. The only thing we’re beholding to is our craft, our unique talent and our dharma (our true purpose). I think if we honor THAT, we will have a fulfilling, successful career that lasts a lifetime.

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