Imagine a new world where you were encouraged to create, innovate, invent and manifest something different, unproven and risky. Where you were not only hailed for making a profit, but also acknowledged for making a difference.

Imagine a new world where record companies could no longer pillage a whopping 77% of your hard earned, well deserved cash, then rip off your fans with high-priced product.

Imagine a new world where publishing companies did not decide how your art is marketed, who uses your music, what articles and graphics get published or what chapters get deleted from your book.

Imagine a new world where you have the choice to run a business, produce a record or publish a book from your kitchen table…in your PJ’s.

Imagine a new world where you were encouraged NOT to make a five-year plan, simply because there were too many fast-changing factors and endless possibilities that lie in your future—anxiously awaiting your arrival.

Imagine a new world where you could attract thousands or even millions of customers and fans without any salespeople or advertising. A tribe of devotees that follow you because they like what you do, use your products and services and enjoy your art. NOT because they were provoked or manipulated by mass media marketing.

Imagine a new world where if you wanted to continue to manifest, express and profit from your creative offerings, you had no other choice but to respectfully (and courageously) walk away from the old world and embrace the new one.

Imagine you were reading this message from a device that you were holding in your hand that was connected to the entire world— what would you do next?

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” —John Lennon

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