My art teacher told me, “Don’t draw past the finish line. There is a point when the picture is done. Be careful not to over design it.”

Makes me think:
Don’t over compose the song.
Don’t over write the story.
Don’t over sell your righteous opinion.
Don’t over think your big problems.

As crazy, genius, artists & entrepreneurs, we are all victims of the last minute whims of our inner muse. Just when we think our best work or great idea is finally ready to launch she offers yet another option, another new idea, another POV. And as beautiful as our muse is, her ONLY job is to consistently feed us unlimited options, NOT to tell us when the project is finished or the job is done.

Important because I think being aware and conscious of where the finish line is, is just as important as knowing how to cross it (whether it’s in our work or personal life).

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