I Just found this “excerpt” from a book I wrote nearly 15 years ago, titled, “Mastering Showbiz.” I thought I’d share it with you: In an interview with acclaimed actor and Oscar-winning director Kevin Costner, he told a story about an incident that took place on an airplane, long before he was a famous actor/director. He said that he spotted someone on the plane that was enormously famous, and as the other passengers gawked, Costner approached the celebrity and struck up a conversation. He said to the man, that according to the fan magazines and tabloids, it seemed as though his personal life was filled with upset and chaos—with all his marriage problems, financial problems, alcohol and drug addictions, fistfights, and problems with the studios. Costner told the man that he was interested in pursuing a career as an actor, but it seemed that along with all the glory came a tremendous amount of turmoil. Then he asked the man point blank: “Is it worth it?” Costner said there was a momentary pause, then Richard Burton replied, “Yes, it is worth it…and I encourage you to follow your dream of becoming an actor.”

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