You were born into an already established system. An innate “rule-set” of edicts, theories, policies and expectations. You were born into a flawed condition that has existed for over 100 years:

— You must be successful.
— You must constantly advance.

— You need a degree.
— You need a five-year plan.

— Looks “trump” talent.
— Money “trumps” looks.
— Looks & money “trump” everything else.

— The price of success is effort, struggle and hard work.
— The only thing that “trumps” hard work is luck.
— If you don’t make it, you must be “unlucky.”
— If you don’t make it, there must be something wrong with you.

Although all of this (and more) is embedded in your DNA, none of it is embedded in stone. Those precepts and notions were in place long before you were born. And to the degree you can go against your (inner) grain and dismiss the “rule-set,” to that degree you’ll have a chance to forge your own way, make up your own rules and manifest your own destiny.

It’s not your fault. It was never your fault.

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