As artists & entrepreneurs, we stand alone, right on the very edge of an unknown future which is hurling at us at quantum speed, waiting for us to make the leap and create great music, inspiring scripts, amazing designs, important books, and extraordinary products & services. However, it’s at that moment when we are confronted with uncertainty, stifled with self-doubt, and knee-deep in challenge, that we are most afraid to risk and try something new. So very often, we fretfully reach back behind us and grab hold of the past, and toss it out into our future like a safety-net, hoping that our past successes and experiences will protect us from failing. Truth is, while our past work can be a sturdy shoulder to stand on, it’s never a blueprint for anything new. And really, there’s no better place to find anything new then right here on the edge of the future, where the field of all possibilities is staring us right in the face, waiting for us to make the next move, warning us to forgo mediocrity, and tempting us to create art & commerce that really matters.

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