“I’ll send an SOS to the world…I hope that, I hope that someone gets my, message in a bottle…” —Sting

Throughout history, creative artists and risky entrepreneurs are the only ones who have always pointed the way out of the darkness and into the light! Heck, the media won’t do that, it’s not their job! We need creatives like you to use your talent, skills and genius ideas to show us the way, and produce and launch your very best work, so that it shines brightly into the darkest corners of humanity.

Important because the challenging times we live in are inextricably coupled with a profound opportunity to use our multiple creative talents to not only entertain, but to inspire, motivate and reach out and make a difference. And now, more than ever, we need to hear your truth, roused from the depths of your soul and passionately expressed in your music, writing, performing, producing, and creative projects. Now more than ever, opportunity is starring you right in the face, waiting for you to make your move.

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