The Chinese say that opportunity comes as a double-edged sword—the opposite side of the blade is “crisis.” However, it doesn’t remain a crisis with YOU for very long.

Fortunately, “career crisis” is where artists & entrepreneurs shine. I don’t mean petty “dramas” I mean genuine crisis. That’s when you do your best work—under pressure, under the gun, undercover and up against an impossible deadline. Scoff if you like, but it’s true.

You’re a creator, a deep thinker, a thought processor—you’re the one with the advantage. When others come face-to-face with crisis, they anxiously search through the manual for answers.

You on the other hand CREATE your way out of financial jams; FORGE your way through frustrating tech challenges; REASON with difficult people; and INNOVATE your way around challenging career barriers. All the while, standing alone, on your own two (shaky) feet—standing toe-to-toe with uncertainty, face-to-face with doubt, and nose-to-nose with fear.

Truth is, you don’t see career challenges as a “crisis” because you’re too busy looking for ways to turn them into career opportunities! Why? Because when you chose your crazy, genius, independent, creative life style, it didn’t come with a stinking manual!

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