Show Biz is the only biz that you break into. You don’t break into plumbing, you don’t break into nursing, and you certainly don’t break into politics. However, you break into Show Biz. Why? Because we assume the door is locked, therefore, we have to break it down to get in the building! Huh? Then, after we’re in, people laugh and say, “What a lucky break!” Huh?

It’s time to let go of that mythical, antique slogan and realize that our awesome entertainment biz is the only industry where the door is always unlocked, always wide open, and always on the lookout for the next great song, an inspiring screenplay, a stellar production, a great movie or TV series, a mind blowing startup, a jaw dropping performance, a creative artist with an extraordinary talent, or a brave entrepreneur with an impossible vision.

Important because somewhere between impossible and hope there’s a less-traveled road that leads to all possibilities. The best part is there’s no toll booth, turnpike or stop signs!

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