You’re an artist, an entrepreneur and now is not the time to revel in your win, succumb to your loss or sit frozen in your fear. Today presents a profound opportunity to harness your emotions, whether they are excitement, sadness or anger, and use your unique talent to create art and commerce that will inspire us. That’s what artists and entrepreneurs do. We use our “gut feelings” as a lens to see what’s missing, to see what’s wanted & needed. Then we use our precious gift of creativity and our incredible talent to manifest it.

Important because looking back is a trap that leads to a vicious circle of apathy and procrastination. Your job is to look forward, into a “non-existent” future—a future filled with great songs, exceptional videos, inspiring stories, phenomenal performances, encouraging books, award winning screenplays, amazing art, breathtaking architecture, eye-popping websites and jaw dropping mobile apps. And we’re counting on you, the creative, genius artist and the courageous entrepreneur, to trust your gut-feelings, and entertain us with your extraordinary talent, and WOW us with your incredible, worthwhile products and services.

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