I know a guy who has a product that could revolutionize guitar playing. I’m blown away with this product. It’s a simple, jaw dropping invention that any “pro” guitar player would want. And he’s already manufactured a few thousand units. However, he doesn’t want big investors and is not interested in taking it global. “Huh?”

I’m sure that YOU or someone you know, has a project, or is so talented that they could easily soar to the moon! But for some reason they continue to play small. My good friend, Dr. Jim Gottfurcht (Psychology Of Money), calls it “poverty thinking.” He says even though a talented artist or a brilliant entrepreneur may have everything it takes to be very successful, they still choose to remain in a small arena.

Why do Artist & Treps play small? Because “Doubt” overrides every choice and “Fear” clouds intelligent thinking:
– Fear of getting ripped off.
– Doubtful that they could ever make it to the “biggs.”
– Fear that others will find out the truth.
– Doubtful that anyone will pay “big bucks” for what they do.
– Fear of failing, especially in front of friends & family.
– Doubtful that they could keep up the charade.
– Fear of being confronted or challenged.
– Doubtful they could handle the responsibility of “success.”

Did I leave anything out?


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