Mike Tyson said: “Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face!”

We’ve all been punched in the face, really hard! Not just us but every human being on the planet! For the first time in history every human being all over the world is thinking about, talking about and fretting about the exact same thing. Never before in history has every human been so unified and aligned on a single thought at the same time! That has to mean something, right? Shouldn’t that move a mountain, or part the sea, or make a dent in the universe?

Hopefully that punch in the face knocked some sense into us. Not only about our own survival and our humanity, but also about the survival of our career, art, business, etc. I assume you’re working on upgrading, digitizing, reinventing, rethinking, trimming the excess, updating your contacts, and generally looking at ways to remodel and refurbish your career and or business. Because this darkness will definitely pass. And when it does we certainly don’t want to be frantically trying to catch up while a new wave of artists and entrepreneurs flood our personal turf that took us years to establish. And flood they will.

Important because I think those who are reaching out a helping hand, or advice, or art, or coaching, or consoling, or even freebies to their constituents will reap the rewards of that gesture for sure. And people will remember who stood up and shined a light for them in the midst of the darkness. However those who remain silent and hypnotized by TV and talk radio will suffer the consequences when the flood gates finally open. And open they will.

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