You’d think after three decades as a CEO and 28-years of daily meditation it would stop…or at least quiet down a little—that continuous questioning & doubting between my ears. And it doesn’t matter if you’re Ann Hathaway or Bob Dylan. The beast of doubt is relentless in all of us. Truth is, the more I swing out on the skinny branches and take risks, the more profound my questioning gets. Sometimes I get answers, sometimes I get bupkis. However, every time I ask, I get a revealing insight. And the more uncomfortable and intrusive the question the more revealing and insightful the answer:

– Am I that much further along than last year at this time?
– Am I hesitating, pausing or stalling—because of uncertainty or fear?
– Where exactly am I stuck or stopped?
– Who or what is slowing my progress?
– Why hasn’t that project gone viral, or manifested more sales?
– Am I spending too much time and energy on smaller, petty distractions, and not enough on the projects that matter most?
– Do all the signs show that I may be moving in the wrong direction? Or not moving at all?
– Why do I often feel like I’m climbing a greased pole?
– What questions do I NOT want to know the answer to?

Questioning your crew, staff, partners, fans, customers, investors or management will undoubtedly provoke a variety of reactions. Asking your SELF the deeper questions, and getting to the truth in the matter, will always bolster confidence, increase velocity and move any project or idea forward—inching you closer and closer to your impossible dream.

“The purpose of your mind is to question and doubt. Allow your mind to do it’s job.” —Muktananda

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