I used to write about how some folks were waiting for the tech train to slow down so they could catch up. Sorry to say, that train has left the station. A conversation about the future of showbiz is now inseparable from a conversation about technology. From the data analytics that Netflix uses to create content, to the way AI can now compose pop songs and symphonies, to the curation algorithms that  point us to specific entertainment choices, which ultimately provoke us to make a purchase. Heck, I saw that a talent agency in Japan uses AI to determine what actors are the best choice for certain movie roles. That means blaming your agent (personally) for the lack of work your getting is no longer an option!

Important because the entertainment industry of tomorrow has never seemed so close to today. Question is, have you done the deep research? Are you and your reps and partners up to speed with how to promote and sell your art and commerce in today’s exponential marketplace? Are you willing to let go of how you thought the industry was operating, and shift to learning and accepting how it is operating today? I think a deeper probe into the business you’ve chosen would be a smart investment of time and energy.

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