Back in the day when I felt like I was being eaten alive by the hoopla of Hollywood, I always found someone to have a “bigger” conversation with; a mate, a friend, certain employees, certain clients. For me it’s like a drug. I need a fix of “deep truth” every day or I’m out of balance—out of whack. I gain so much profound insight by temporarily taking one step back from the “game,” to become the observer, the listener, not the player. I try to surround my self with friends that need the same drug, who prefer deeper conversations. I even build in weekly chats with enlightened, transformed friends, colleagues or clients who need the same fix. If I can’t find another human to kick it around with, I’ll read the words of one of my favorite authors or poets. Just a cue from a deeper POV is all I need; to stay grounded, to keep connected, to remain balanced. Some get it from a personal coach, others from reading a book or a blog. Anyway you get it, I just think, these days, if you don’t have a deeper dialogue on a regular basis, free from the mundane and the petty, you can easily lose touch with your dharma, your purpose, who you really are, what you’re really committed to, and what really matters to you.

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