I fall into them too, so does every crazy genius I work with. A creative rut is usually caused by confusion, or mental exhaustion, or boredom, or not playing big enough. The creative work we do, inventing something from nothing, day after day, then trying to figure out how to market it and make a buck, is mostly exhausting and the process can be tedious and mind-numbing. At some point it just becomes easier to slip into the “tred-grooves” of what others have already created, and just follow along.

However, if you’ve largely “upped your game,” and if you’ve really set the bar high enough, and if you’ve truly set your sights far enough, and if your goals are righteous & worthy enough, then the way out of the rut is to remind yourself that the commitment you’ve made, and the stand you’ve taken is not hard…IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! That thought alone should terrify you enough to get out of the rut and back into your groove.

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