Right in front of us, staring us right in the face, is an entertainment industry that is currently in the process of intentionally disrupting itself; rethinking, reinventing, reimagining and rebuilding a 21st century global show business aimed toward world domination. And there are crazy, committed showbiz geniuses with unlimited resources, who are right now gazing into a future beyond the pandemic, and building a bigger, stronger, more tolerant, more profitable and more (politically) influential industry. And while the dazed and doubtful scratch their heads and wonder what to do next, those crazy committed showbiz geniuses are at work extending their reach, forming partnerships, growing global relationships, improving and refining the craft of making great entertainment, in all it’s forms, and hunting and gathering compelling, impactful content to produce, record and distribute to a prepped, primed and eager global audience.

Also, right in front of all of us artists & treps, starring us right in the face, is an unexpected chance to move forward. A chance to move up. To define our new normal. To return to our work with a renewed purpose; a chance to begin producing, performing and writing songs, scores, screenplays, scripts and visual content that reflect the plight of our times and the mixed feelings and jumbled emotions that we, and all of those around us (and in the world) are experiencing today.

If ever there was a time to be involved, entangled and embedded in a career in show business, today is that time. And you should be proud and excited to be part of it. And you should take advantage of these unprecedented, historical times to step up your game, master the new elements of your craft, and study, research and learn every aspect of our new, expanding entertainment empire.

Important because throughout history, even in the darkest of times, people were inspired and enriched and often dependent on art to help get them through tough times. Not just as an entertainment experience, more like a spiritual uplifting. And I think all artists, entrepreneurs and crazy, wealthy showbiz geniuses are being called up to a higher purpose at this time of global darkness. Not like a heavy responsibility, more like a profound opportunity.

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